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Services of CRA of America, LLC.

Do-It-Yourself Nevada Incorporations

This is the least expensive means of incorporating in Nevada. This report gives you everything needed to accomplish it . Follow these simple steps:

1. Complete, sign and notarize the articles of incorporation for a profit, non-profit or limited liability company and return to CRA for filing (refer to Section 8).

2. Complete and sign the Certificate and Acceptance of Resident Agent and return to CRA (refer to Section 5).

3. Complete the Nevada Incorporation Services Confidential Order Form found in this section along with the appropriate fees for services selected along with CRA's annual resident agent service fee of $125.00.

It is that simple!

CRA-Does-It-For-You Nevada
Incorporation Service

In the event you would rather have CRA incorporate for you and save you the time of reading this report, typing the articles of incorporation and getting them notarized, CRA will gladly do so.

CRA-Does-It-For-You Nevada Incorporation Service is performed at the nominal fee of $100.00 plus the required state fees and the annual resident agent fee of $125.00.

Just complete the Nevada Incorporation Order Form and submit it to CRA with full payment.

Contracted Corporate Office Services

The program includes receptionist service 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Offices are located at

3638 606 South Ninth Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101-7013 U.S.A.

The following are the executive office services provided under the agreement and charges for additional service beyond the scope of the standard service included.

Contracted Corporate Office Services Package
Executive Office Services - Client Service Fees

The following liberal services are provided to clients:

Receptionist Service:

Hours provided: 9:00 A.M. through 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Your telephone answered by the provider's contracted office staff.

Standard Services: 25 calls during the month.

Additional Services: Additional charge required if monthly calls excessive. (If you have any questions, please inquire.)


Standard Services: 30 copies during the month up to a total of 150 pages.

Additional Services: 5 cents per page, 8 cents per page if collated.



Standard Services: 30 separate faxes during the month to local numbers.

Additional Services: $1.00 per fax to local numbers. Long distance charges will be billed to your account. Overseas telephone charges are additional.


Standard Services: 30 pages during the month.

Additional Services: $1.00 per page.


Standard Services: Typing up to 10 short memos or letters of no more than a page each during the month.

Additional Services: $1.00 - $5.00 per page depending upon assignment.

Bookkeeping (payroll, etc.)

Standard Services: None.

Additional Services: $15.00 per hour.

Courier Service:

Standard Services: 10 local (within Las Vegas) deliveries during the month.

Additional Services: $5.00 per delivery within Las Vegas, please call for deliveries outside Las Vegas. U.S. and international overnight courier services (i.e. Federal Express) charges are additional.

Notary Service:

Standard Services: 10 signatures during the month.

Additional Services: $1.00 per signature.

Mail Service:

Standard Services: Up to fifty incoming mail pieces per month, mail sent to you weekly, or other prearranged frequency.

Additional Services: Excessive weight or extra large pieces of mail will result in additional charges to your account. Overseas postage charges are additional.

Conference Room/Office:

Standard Services: 1 hour per month (subject to availability and prior reservations).

Additional Services: $25.00 per hour.

Quality Corporate Record Books

"The Financier"

This is the best self-contained corporate record book in America. It features top quality, and is handcrafted, with round rods, and simulated leather. It contains the corporate seal in a recessed compartment, 20 stock certificates, and minutes. It is expandable for increased capacity with permanent lock mechanism. Black vinyl slipcover protects the beauty. In addition, it includes transfer ledger, binder gold stamped with company name, 50 extra sheets of fine minute paper, index tabs, corporate record tickler, IRC 1244 package, medical/dental reimbursement plan and preprinted minutes and resolutions. All this for only $125.00.

"The Chairman of the Board"

This binder is buffed to simulate the look and feel of real leather. Includes all the components above except the slip case. Only $99.00.

"The Wheeler Dealer"

This popular corporate record book is efficient and economical. It comes in black, green, burgundy or brown and is self-contained in a matching vinyl slip case. It contains all the components described above. Only $75.00.

"Limited Liability Company Outfit"

A special self-contained book especially for limited liability companies. It includes imprinted 20 certificates of units of membership interest, a custom LLC seal and special LLC index tabs, 50 minute pages and an actual LLC operating agreement are included. Only $89.00.

Federal Tax I.D. Number

This number is required by all corporations and issued by the Internal Revenue Service. CRA of America, LLC can assist and secure this number for you quickly. It is comparable to an individual's social security number and required for tax filing purposes. Your banker and securities broker will also require this number prior to opening an account. If you are engaging the Small Business Bookkeeping Service, this service is included at no extra charge.

Corporate Bank Accounts

CRA of America, LLC can assist with the establishment of your company bank account with a local bank in Las Vegas. The minimum deposit requirement is $100.00.

Corporate Name Reservation

You may reserve a corporate name in advance of filing the articles of incorporation so that it is not taken by someone else in the interim. The $50.00 fee includes the state name reservation fee. CRA of America, LLC is on-line with the Secretary of State and can check the availability of names quickly. At no cost, CRA will check the availability of three names.

Aged and Off-the-Shelf Nevada Corporations

CRA of America, LLC occasionally maintains off-the-shelf Nevada companies for quick delivery. These corporations were previously incorporated and already named.

Names can be changed as desired. The articles of incorporation will be amended and filed again with the Secretary of State. CRA can assist if this is required.

The dates of incorporation will vary. The older they are, the more expensive, due to costs to maintain them.

There are special purposes for requiring an aging off-the-shelf company. They have never operated and are in good standing.

Inquire for availability and choice of names. Prices start at $495.00.

Wyoming Corporations and Other Related Services

Wyoming is another exciting state that offers many benefits and liberal corporate laws. please refer to Section 15, "Wyoming Corporations" for further information, prices and services provided. These services may be engaged by completing the Wyoming Incorporation Order Form.

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