Section 5

Appointing a Resident Agent

A resident agent must be selected at the time of incorporating as required by law. The agent's address in Nevada can be used in the articles of incorporation as the principal office.

Typically, the annual resident agent fee is $125.00 and more. Within the articles of incorporation is a Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment of Resident Agent. After submitting the completed articles to CRA with respective fee(s), it will sign the acceptance and promptly hand deliver the articles to the state for filing. It is as easy as that!

You are welcome to use CRA's address as your company's principal office address in the articles: 606 South Ninth Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. This is not for general business use, but strictly for providing an address in Nevada for the principal office of the corporation. If your mail requirements are greater, CRA can provide a contracted corporate office package.


Existing Nevada corporations that wish to benefit from the services of CRA of America, can do so by simply completing the "Certificate of Resolution to Change the Resident Agent and/or Change of Location of Principal Office".

CRA of America will assist you with preparation of required certificate and will do the filing for you. Please contact CRA for assistance.


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