Section 10

Establishing Corporate
Headquarters in Nevada

If you adhere to the following steps, the corporation will avoid unnecessary expense and complications. Maintaining the corporation properly does not have to be an expensive chore if it is handled correctly from the beginning. The following are three main areas a corporation should cover.

1. Establish corporate headquarters in Nevada.

2. Buy a minute book, corporate seal, stock certificates.

3. Keep accurate corporate minutes and records of all meetings and decisions.

Let us discuss each of these areas. It is important for all corporations to be set up correctly and be kept current in order to prevent a litigant from obtaining an order from the court to "pierce the corporate veil." The best protection is a thoughtfully organized and diligently administered corporation.

A Nevada corporation, whether conducting most of its business out-of-state or within the state, should follow these recommendations:

1. Open a corporate checking account at a bank located in Nevada. All business expenses should be paid from this account.

2. Maintain a business address or office in Nevada as the principal place of business. CRA of American can assist.

3. The corporation should obtain a business license with the state and in the city where the corporate or principal office is located, and any other requirements.

4. Establish corporate headquarters in Nevada by engaging professionally administered corporate office services such as provided by CRA of America, LLC

Set up your own office or engage our contracted corporate office services at low cost. This valuable and convenient service is contracted between CRA and your corporation on a month-to-month basis. This is not a long term lease and only a 30 day notice is required to terminate.

This contracted office service establishes your company's physical presence in Nevada and provides for a host of services which your business can use.

The cost is nominal when compared to setting up your own office or the high prices charged by many other resident agents. This service is economical and efficient. To engage these services, a one-time set-up fee of $500.00 is required. You are then provided a month-to-month contract for your review and signature. At that time the required first month's service fee of $125.00 is due along with an equal refundable deposit of $125.00. This deposit merely covers any expenses not paid for at the time service is terminated (please refer to Section 19). The balance remaining will be refunded within a reasonable period of time.

Once incorporated, it is equally important to keep proper corporate records. Every major and many minor business decisions must be recorded and maintained in the minute book. Every board of director or stockholder meeting requires minutes of the meeting or resolutions. If these records are not kept current or do not exist, a court could disavow the corporation and hold the officers and directors personally liable for all actions of the corporation, including its debts. For instance, if the corporation were sued or went into bankruptcy, the improper maintenance of important decisions, meetings, and records would most likely come to someone's attention.

Buy a minute book, corporate seal, and imprinted stock certificates as soon as the Secretary of State or your agent returns the certified articles of incorporation. CRA offers several of the best corporate record keeping systems available (refer to Section 19). These outfits contain printed bylaws, blank minute pages, corporate seal, and 20 imprinted and numbered stock certificates. The outfit is self-contained.

Considerable expense can be spared by properly setting up and maintaining corporate records. By following the simple steps outlined here, you will protect yourself against personal liability and keep the corporation intact. Maximum protection will be yours!


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