Section 9


Bylaws of the corporation are adopted by the Board of Directors and lay the ground rules on how the corporation is to be administered. They may be amended from time to time.

Typically, bylaws cover:


- Place of Meetings
- Voting
- Shareholders Quorum
- Adjournment of Meeting
- Annual Stockholders Meeting and Election of Directors
- Special Meetings - How Called: Notice -
- Manner of Voting at Stockholders Meeting
- Notice of Stockholder Meeting
- Order of Business

Board of Directors

- First Meeting
- Election of Officers
- Special Meetings: How Called: Notice -
- Number and Quorum
- Place of Meeting
- General Powers of Directors
- Order of Business

Executive Committee

- How Approved
- Powers


Officers/Resignations/Filling of Vacancies

- Officers
- Chairman
- President
- Vice Presidents
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Secretary/Treasurer
- Resignations
- Filling of Vacancies

Shares and Certificates

- Transfer of Shares
- Lost Certificates
- Dividends
- Statements

Miscellaneous Provisions

- Fiscal Year
- Principal Office
- Notice and Waiver of Notice
- Contracts, etc.: How Executed
- Loans
- Checks, Drafts, etc.
- Deposits
- General and Special Bank Accounts
- Seal


- Amendments of Bylaws

A preprinted set of bylaws is included in each corporate outfit available from CRA. Refer to Section 19, Services of CRA of America, LLC, for ordering information.

As required by Nevada law, a copy of the bylaws certified by the company secretary must be maintained at the offices of the Nevada resident agent at all times. The original bylaws are maintained by the company's secretary in the corporate minute book.


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