The Limited Liability Company

Articles of Organization for the State of Nevada

Instructions for Filing Articles of Organization

1. Indicate the name of limited-liability company. The name must contain the words LIMITED-LIABILITY COMPANY; LIMITED COMPANY or LIMITED or the abbreviations L.L.C., L.C., LLC or LC. The word "company" may also be abbreviated.

The name may not be the same as or deceptively similar to the name of a limited-liability company, limited partnership, limited-liability partnership, or corporation already on file in this office. A name may be reserved (if available) at the Office of the Secretary of State.We are on-line with the state. For details or to check for availability you may call (702) 243-9150 or write to CRA of America, LLC, 3638 Rancho Drive, Suite 6, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130.

2. State the latest date upon which the company is to dissolve.

3. Indicate the name and street address in Nevada of the resident agent for service of process. The resident agent must reside or be located in this state. The mailing address must be included if different from the physical address.

4. Indicate the right, if given, of the remaining members of the company to continue the business on the death, retirement, resignation, expulsion, bankruptcy, or dissolution of a member or occurrence of any other event which terminates the continued membership of a member in the company.

5. State any other provision, which the members elect to set out in the articles of organization for the regulation of the internal affairs of the company, including any provisions which under NRS Chapter 86 are required or permitted to be set out in the operating agreement of the company.

6. Limited-liability companies may be managed by either a manager(s) or by its members. If the management of a limited-liability company is reserved to the members, they must be listed and the rights stated, if any, of the members to contract debts on behalf of the company. The articles must list the names and addresses of one or more managers, or if there are no managers, two or more members. Please use letter size white paper to list additional managers or members.

7. One or more persons, partnerships, trusts, or corporations may organize a limited-liability company. Indicate the names and addresses of the organizer(s) executing the articles. Remember that organizer's signatures must be acknowledged.

8. Resident agent needs to sign certificate of acceptance as agent for the limited liability company.


Copies: You must send in the number of copies you would like certified and returned to you in addition to the original articles to be filed. NRS 86.241 requires that a copy of the articles be kept in the records office of the company.

Fees: $75.00 filing fee and $30.00 for each certification.


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