Nevada has a famous and colorful history surrounding its gold and silver mining, glittering casinos, thriving tourist trade, and yes, even brothels.

The Silver State, as Nevada is known, has always been recognized for its integral role in the taming and development of the Wild West. For the past century, land barons, mining magnates, casino lords, and business tycoons of all types have migrated to Nevada to build their fortunes. Mavericks have found a compatible companion in their quest for success. The spirit of the Old West lives on.

Today "The Spirit of Nevada" is a combination of the state's tradition and its challenge to entrepreneurs–the fortune builders of the next century. Entrepreneurs are invited to discover Nevada's thriving business and economic environment. Former Governor Richard H. Bryan declared Nevada to be "America's new zone for enterprise." It is a modern day wanted poster that reads: "WANTED ALIVE: Aggressive, bold, and independent individuals to start progressive new businesses."

This entrepreneurial Mecca has good reason to boast. The Business Guide to Incorporation in Tax Free Nevada reveals why shrewd entrepreneurs have been incorporating in Nevada for years as an alternative to Delaware or other states. You will learn the same insider knowledge that until now has been reserved for those in the "know," and you will discover how to operate your corporation safely and successfully anywhere, regardless of where you live.

The two most obvious benefits of incorporating and doing business in or from Nevada are the enticing tax structure and the extra privacy afforded corporate owners. Nevada has a laisser-faire attitude toward business.

Nevada corporate law allows stockholders, officers, and directors maximum privacy and power. These important qualities of corporate life in Nevada are unfamiliar to most states. This report addresses those people who seek greater privacy and more control in their personal and business affairs. Business people will be delighted to learn that few taxes are directly levied against most individuals and businesses. Leaders of state government diligently promote "The Spirit of Nevada," and steadfastly guard a system that is stimulating outstanding growth statewide.

It is generally common knowledge in the business community that Delaware has many advantages over other states. However, Nevada ranks higher. Nevada offers maximum privacy, has no corporate income tax, and is a beautiful place to visit. Compare that to Delaware! Your trips to Nevada can even be a tax-deductible business expense.

Corporate owners do not have to live in Nevada to benefit from its corporate law. Section 10 shows you how to establish headquarters in Nevada without ever leaving your own home state. However, after exploring the possibilities, you just might decide to head west.

This little-known haven is one of the fastest growing states in the country. It is the backyard and playground to a major portion of the Sunbelt–the rapidly expanding industrial economy of the West and Pacific Rim. It is also the home of many major U.S. corporations.

Here it is! Here is a place to gain privacy and control, save on taxes, protect your assets, prepare a nest egg for retirement in the sun, avoid the populace, and start a business where it is welcome. This report is a quick, inexpensive, and simple step in a refreshing new direction. The future is for those bold enough to grasp it. The rest is up to you!


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